Top 5 Things To Put On Your Technology Roadmap This Year

It’s time to tackle your technology planning for 2021. Now, more than ever, the strength and security of your business’ technology strategy can be the key to running a successful business. If you’re not sure what to focus on, IMPACT Technology Group is here to help. We can assist you in determining exactly what your […]

How to Prioritize Your Technology Budget for 2021

With so much to worry about given the uncertainty of this last year, it’s smart to start planning for the rest of the year and into the future right now.  But what should your prioritize your spending on for your 2021 technology budget? You might not have been prepared for the technological demands of 2020, […]

Are You an Ostrich About Cybersecurity?

You know that cybersecurity is a legitimate concern, but you live under the impression that your business is too small to be a target. You probably think that cyber attacks happen to others but couldn’t possibly happen to you. Right? Wrong. Why Current Protections May Not Be Enough Many business owners think they are adequately […]

Password Best Practices Your Business Should Embrace in 2020

“123456” — that’s the password that got 23.2 million people hacked, according to a 2019 study. That’s on top of the 7.7 million people who used “123456789” or the 3.6 million folks who had “password” as their password. Hackers are already “great” at what they do, but such passwords make their jobs even easier. So much so […]

Issue 30 | June 2020

Making This One Mistake With Your Network Can DESTROY Your Business.

A lot of businesses wait until something breaks before they fix it. And even then, they may take a “patchwork” approach to fixing the problem. They are reactive rather than proactive. Sometimes taking a reactive approach is fine, but other times, and depending on the circumstances, it can lead to even bigger problems.

Issue 29 | May 2020

What’s Inside this Issue: Featured Better Your Business Article: 5 Signs You’re About to Get Hacked—And What You Can Do to Prevent It​ Gadget of the Month: ThePhotoStick Mobile​ FREE OFFER: Cyber Security Audit Will Reveal Where Your Computer Network Is Exposed And How to Protect Your Company Now​ Product Highlight: Reduce Your Phone Bill […]

Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise as the Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise as the Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

The long-term effects of the virus itself are difficult to assess, much less the long-term effects of the virus on the fabric of society. We do, however, know that as a whole, businesses and individuals are becoming much more focused on utilizing the Internet and technology.

While many jobs and educational opportunities have been remote for a long time, the coronavirus has propelled us into a new era in which it is demanded of us. And with this long-term change comes a new issue: cybersecurity threats.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the cybersecurity threats we’ve seen pop up in the past couple of months as the virus spreads. We’ll also talk about threats that experts warn could occur, and how you can protect yourself and your business.

Remember; cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and it is best to be proactive rather than reactive.

5 Signs You’re About To Get Hacked — And What You Can Do To Prevent It

Hackers love to go after small businesses. There are many businesses to choose from, and many don’t invest in good IT security. Plus, many business owners and their employees have bad cyber security habits. They do things that increase their risk of a malware attack or a cyber-attack. Here are five bad habits that can […]