Is A Busy Signal or Your Outdated Phone System Costing Your Restaurant Lots of Money?

No Busy Signals Means More Restaurant Sales
Phone System without Busy Signals = Pizza Happiness

At this moment, thousands of people across the country are ordering takeout and delivery from local restaurants. For a break from the monotony of sleeping, cooking, and working at home, people are eager to pick up the phone, place an order, and have their food ready and waiting in record time. But, if they dial the phone and get a busy signal? Game over. While a patient few might wait and try again, it is more likely that the small delay will cause that potential customer to change their mind. Many restaurant owners have realized they are missing calls due to busy signals but don’t realize that it may be because of their outdated phone system. While you continue filling orders and thinking everything is fine, you’re completely unaware of how many calls you’re missing and, consequently, how much business you’re losing.

If customers are experiencing busy signals, poor call quality, bad hold music, or long wait times, your phone system might be holding your business back. Not only does a poorly designed phone system frustrate your customers, it wastes the valuable time of your employees and contributes to a poor customer experience. There is no reason to add to your management workload by struggling with an outdated phone system.

Should I Replace My Restaurant’s Phone System?

Well, the answers depends. Do you dread a phone system busy signal when you call a restaurant or anywhere? Are you wanting to make more money each month and even save some too? Do you want to know how many calls you may be missing? Are customers complaining about busy signals? Interested to know how many calls you get per hour and when your busiest hours or days are? Will a new system help you save money to get the same outcome or help you make more money with new features for productivity and increased sales? Or is your current system meeting all of your business objectives?

These are true business questions to consider. But ultimately, what will be the ROI (return in investment)? Over and over again, we hear success stories from restaurants who have reaped the benefits of having IMPACT Technology Group upgrade their phone system. Just recently, we helped out a local restaurant with two locations. They knew they were missing calls but were helpless to do anything about it with their old phone system. Within just a few days after their upgrade, our analytics showed they were missing over 70 phone calls a night. And, for the first time, they knew how many calls they were getting each day, which they never knew before. Now, they are receiving every single one of those calls and making more money from each of them. But most of all, their customers are happy!

If you’d like to similarly boost your business, you should absolutely replace your restaurant’s phone system with a modern VoIP based system built on Unified Communications. UC provides you with a suite of products that combines traditional voice calls, video conferencing, SMS text messaging, and much more into one platform. You can access it from anywhere on any device such as your office computer, laptop, mobile phone, traditional phone handset, and even as an app on the web, your office computer or cell phone. More than just eliminating busy signals, VoIP and UC phone systems provide you with:

  • Analytics to know how many calls you’re receiving or missing, average wait times, and average pickup time
  • Higher voice quality and sound
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere on any device
  • The ability to use your mobile phone as your office phone
  • Video conferencing
  • Easy support and administration that allows you to administer it yourself instead of endlessly calling your phone guy for repair and support
  • A cost-effective alternative to expensive phone closet hardware systems

Don’t Let Your Phones Hold You Back

Technology should never slow the growth of your business or cost you more than it’s worth. You deserve a phone system that is as flexible and dependable as your business has to be! Find out more about replacing your restaurant’s phone system or book a consultation here to start putting phone frustration behind you.


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