Why Your Antivirus and Firewall Are NOT Cybersecurity Protections

hacking firewall or antivirus

Your business needs more than a firewall and antivirus in your cybersecurity plan to protect it. Unfortunately, most people fall into three categories of incorrect thinking:

  1. My IT guy has it covered
  2. An attack won’t happen to me
  3. I’ve done enough because I have basic protections in place


The unfortunate truth is that attacks WILL happen. When the time comes, a firewall and your antivirus software are only two of the many layers needed to protect your business today. The more layers you put into place, the better. Just as you might bring layers of clothing on a day when the weather is uncertain, layers of cybersecurity means that you’re prepared for whatever threat comes your way.

Cybersecurity is important. If you operate under the understanding that your business is a target and an attack is inevitable, you can ensure you are fully prepared. Staying informed, following relevant cybersecurity tips, enlisting in protection are all important steps to take action before it is too late.

Firewall Vulnerabilities

While a firewall is a great first step for protecting your business, it has weaknesses. Unfortunately, those weaknesses can lie inside your own walls. 

Employees might click on phishing messages, download or install risky software, send vulnerable information, or go to questionable websites. These actions can all be exploited by attackers who are potentially looking to gain access to your network. In fact, unintentional insider threats pose one of the largest cybersecurity challenges facing businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, the sheer number of connected devices available to us creates vulnerabilities. Any smart device – from phones and laptops to printers and tablets – can be connected by your employees or visiting guests to a business network. These devices create an access point for criminals and threats.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are continuously evolving. Their strategies are getting more and more sophisticated. This means that basic cybersecurity tools, like firewalls, just do not cut it in today’s climate. The truth is, attackers now know how to circumvent these tactics, making them a fallible first layer of cyber security.

The Problems with Antivirus

The same goes for most antivirus softwares — they simply cannot keep up with today’s threat. While it does provide some level of protection, new technology allows for attackers to easily encrypt their attacks to bypass most antivirus programs. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of malware are released every day. That number will only continue to grow as attackers figure out new ways of pushing through viruses and malicious programs.

The Bottom Line

Your business is a target and you need to protect it. Antivirus and firewall technology are important first steps, but they are not the end of the road. When you leave your business unprotected, you make yourself vulnerable to costly attacks. No business is immune to cyber attacks, but there’s no reason to paint a larger target on your back.

Instead, invest in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that will fully protect you when the time comes, saving you time, money, and headaches in the long run – and gives you with a solution that includes peace-of-mind.



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