Finally, A Business-Grade VoIP Phone System That Will Cut Your Phone Bill In Half And Give You Modern, Remote Features with Awesome Local Support...
And We’ll Bet You A Steak Dinner To Prove It!

If you’ve thought about upgrading your office phone system to VoIP to save money but hesitated for fear of experiencing dropped calls, garbled sound quality and other notorious VoIP problems, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

We help companies upgrade their outdated, overpriced, and complicated phone systems with ones that are easy to use, let you work remotely, are customer service focused, and a LOT less expensive to own and maintain.


We can offer you all of the advanced features, flexibility and significant cost savings of VoIP, while simultaneously guaranteeing the high-definition sound quality and rock-solid dependability of a landline.

Schedule Your Free VoIP Consult

Scheduled your free, 14-minute complimentary VoIP consult with a technology expert to see how much you could be saving and how to help your business grow.

A Few UNIQUE Benefits You Get with VoIP from IMPACT

  • We GUARANTEE our VoIP phone system will deliver high-definition sound quality and call dependability or we’ll refund 100% of your money. No other phone system provider in the Delmarva area will make the same bold guarantee and stand behind it in writing like we do. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love our VoIP phone system.
  • Cut your phone bill costs SIGNIFICANTLY. Our average client saves up to 50% on their phone bill – money that goes directly to your bottom line.
  • Works even if your Internet goes down. Unlike most other VoIP systems, ours lets you continue to receive calls, even if the Internet goes down.

  • Advanced features available. Our VoIP system gives you an incredible number of easy and powerful options to take voice and video calls, have video conferencing, route calls, handle voicemail, chat, and much more. Whether you’re making a simple phone call, faxing documents for signatures or holding a videoconferencing session, our system can deliver easy-to-use, top-quality service to get the job done without problems, complexity or failures.

  • 99.99% uptime GUARANTEED. We monitor every system continuously, allowing us to guarantee 99.99% uptime. Most importantly, our phone system will allow you to make and receive calls even if the Internet goes down or if you can’t access your office phones due to a natural disaster or national pandemic restrictions.
    our claims.

How We Have Helped Other Clients

Our FREE VoIP Assessment Will Help You Make The Smartest, Safest Phone System Choice For Your Company

To help you avoid making any mistakes and navigate the endless number of choices, tech jargon “mumbo jumbo,” conflicting advice and confusion surrounding phone systems, I’d like to offer you a FREE VoIP and Communications Assessment for your company, to answer all of your questions and determine if VoIP is the BEST OPTION FOR YOU based on your specific needs, budget, Internet connection and existing network.

You have my absolute assurance that I will give you straight answers to your questions and will NOT hard-sell you a phone system. My goal is to help you make the BEST decision for YOU – one that you’re comfortable with and that will actually deliver what you want. If our system turns out to be the best option for you, we’d welcome the opportunity to serve you. But if not, we’ll give you our best recommendation and refer you to some other solutions. That’s how we build solid trust-based relationships with all of our clients.

At the end of our Free Assessment, you’ll know:

  • The EXACT and TRUE amount of money you will save by switching to VoIP, and what ALL the costs are associated with selecting a VoIP phone system. In most cases, we save our clients up to 50%. But most importantly, we’ll show you a complete and true picture of ALL costs factored in, not just your phone-bill savings, which is what most other VoIP salespeople focus on to avoid talking about other costs involved in moving to their system.
  • If you have the right Internet connection and network configuration to use a VoIP phone without problems. We’ll do a complete analysis of your current Internet connection and computer network to determine if you have sufficient bandwidth to operate a VoIP system without issues, and to look for any other factors that may negatively impact a VoIP phone system from working properly.
  • What the BEST phone system is for you – and what features you need – based on how you do business. If you’re running a call center, you will have different needs than if you’re a doctor’s office. If you have remote workers and a sales team that travels extensively, there are features that can help you keep these employees connected. Do you want to record calls coming in for quality and training purposes? Does your front desk get overloaded with calls during certain times of the day or year? Do you absolutely need to have your phones answered live? Would you like to have your voice mail messages sent to your in-box or typed out? These are just a few of the features available.
  • How you can increase sales, lead conversion and customer happiness. Part of our Communications Assessment will reveal ways for you to instantly and easily recapture lost revenue and sales opportunities through better phone-handling practices. We’ll look at how your company is currently handing (or mishandling!) phone calls from prospects and clients alike and show you easy ways to make more money without spending another dime on marketing or advertising.

Ultimately, if we can’t show you how to save $$$
this year in unnecessary costs and lost productivity, OR if you feel that we have wasted your time, we will give you a gift certificate so you can enjoy a steak dinner on us.