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Every month, we review hundreds of businesses throughout our local community and narrow it down to one leading organization that is making a significant impact in their industry to be featured in our Better Your Business Spotlight. This spotlight is part of the Better Your Business Series, a growing local initiative with a core focus of bringing like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs across multi-industries to engage on topics, share insights, as well as motivate and inspire other leaders to continually strive for growth and improvement within their business. The BYB Spotlight is a unique opportunity to jump behind the curtain and meet leaders that are truly making an impact in their industry and learn what inspires them.

This month's Business Spotlight

Dr. Brandon Berman, DDS

Easton Family Dental has over 25 years of experience providing preventative care and patient education to promote a healthy smile for life for the community of Easton and surrounding areas. Dr. Brandon Berman shares how his core values and commitment to providing the highest level of patient care are leading key drivers in helping further develop him into the leader that he is today.

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