Issue 29 | May 2020


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What’s Inside this Issue:

  • Featured Better Your Business Article: 5 Signs You’re About to Get Hacked—And What You Can Do to Prevent It​
  • Gadget of the Month: ThePhotoStick Mobile​
  • FREE OFFER: Cyber Security Audit Will Reveal Where Your Computer Network Is Exposed And How to Protect Your Company Now​
  • Product Highlight: Reduce Your Phone Bill by Up to 40% with stabilIT Voice®​
  • Latest from the Blog:Cyber Security Threats of the Rise as the Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads​
  • Resource of the Month:The Leader’s Great Return​
  • Take a Break:New to Leading a Remote Team? Advice to help you inspire, motivate, and achieve results from your team​
  • Breach Spotlight: Delaware Urologist Falls Victim to Ransomware, Exposing Data for 131,000 Patients​
  • TRIVIA—Win $25 Gift Card: Be this month’s winner by being the first to answer this month’s trivia question correctly!​
Reduce Phone Bill by 40%