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Are you looking to move away from your GoDaddy email and step up to a more powerful and feature-rich email client? Do you find the process of migrating all your emails to a new service very cumbersome? IMPACT is here to help.

We understand the effort and the possible issues that go into migrating to a new email client and we’re here to ensure you don’t have to go through it at all. Our team will seamlessly migrate all your emails from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365’s Outlook and carry over your preferences and settings in the process. You won’t have to worry about missing emails or deal with the hassle of migrating everything on your own because our team will manage everything for you.

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Typical frustrations and problems with other email systems

Email has provided significant benefits, including faster communication and the ability to receive information in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. But there are also increased frustrations that come with low-performing email systems. Modern organizations are now facing the challenges of business communications by turning to Microsoft 365 to keep employees more productive and satisfied. The many difficulties solved by Microsoft’s productivity suite include:

Microsoft 365 addresses these issues and many more to keep your teams in-synch, secure, and flexible.

You’re three steps from experiencing worry-free IT

Leveling up your email system is easy

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We’ll then evaluate your current email environment and create a hassle-free migration plan for a smooth integration with your existing IT infrastructure.


We’ll effectively transition your email account and ensure that the same settings are preserved so you can start using your new Microsoft 365 account immediately.


How IMPACT helped our clients successfully migrate to Microsoft 365

Worried that bad IT is killing the growth of your business?

Many business leaders struggle with frustrating technology issues costing them more than it should. IMPACT delivers a proven, turn-key system that provides you with the worry-free technology and exceptional support at the lowest cost to help you grow.

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