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Avoid having your business email compromised and cloud apps taken over with our
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Phishing scams, app takeovers, data theft, social engineering attacks, and so much more, are constantly threatening your long-term viability and causing financial losses. If your emails have been compromised, the invasion of your privacy and breach of confidentiality is an unpleasant experience that you shouldn’t have to deal with ever again.

IMPACT’s Email and Cloud Apps Security service is meant to prevent this situation from ever happening by using a suite of class-leading cybersecurity solutions that secure your email client, archives,servers, and all your cloud applications. We will monitor your networks for breaches and deal with them even before they can harm your business. You can work confidently on the cloud and send emails knowing that your communications are secure and private at all times.

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We use Avanan as our preferred cloud email and collaboration security solution

We customize it to fit your business needs. Here are some key features from Avanan that will protect your email and cloud communications:

Inline Protection

Avanan prevents delivery of malicious emails to your inbox unlike other solutions that retract emails later. Their patented “Inline Enforcement” gives us the advantage in keeping out malicious emails.

Protects Emails and Collaboration Cloud Platforms

With Avanan, we can extend our security capability even further and cover:

  • Emails
  • Post-Delivery Protection
  • Ransomware and Malware
  • Collaboration Platforms like Google Workspace

Fast and Customized Installation

IMPACT will deploy Avanan for your business in a matter of minutes and calibrate it to meet your needs.

Avanan has a powerful difference-maker called “True AI” that works in real time to stop cyberthreats. With Avanan’s True AI, you’ll get:

Complete Protection

True AI works on all your collaboration platforms and individual apps

Real-Time Assessment

Your organization will benefit from real-time security threat assessment and protection from ransomware, account takeover, BEC, and supply chain attacks, just to name a few

Superior Catch Rate

Thanks to True AI and its other processes, Avanan boasts a 99.2% reduction in phishing attacks before they can even reach your inbox

How will Avanan fit your organization’s IT infrastructure? Get in touch with us and we’ll get you started immediately.

Avanan is one of the leaders in email security and IMPACT Tech will help your business get the most out of it.

The First Cloud Email Security Solution to Implement API, AI, and Machine Learning

#1 Ranked Email Security Solution in Gartner Peer Insights and G2

The Only API-Based, In-Line Email Security Solution

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