How much is your business losing to unknown downtime every year due to network outages, attacks, slow computers and loss of productivity?

This calculator will provide you a closer look into the loss that your business is likely experiencing due to frequent outages every single year. Outages can be costly, both in lost productivity of your team, as well as actual revenue loss. Let us calculate an estimate of loss for your business with this quick calculator!

Interactive Calculator: The Cost of Downtime for Business Owners

Calculate the Cost of an Outage

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What you'll uncover with this calculator:

We'll provide you an actual estimated revenue loss tailored around your business

We use the latest industry standards to calculate the estimated cost you're losing every single year for YOUR business.

We'll break down the calculations into easy to understand metrics!

At IMPACT, we believe that numbers need to be understood before they can actually mean anything to you. That's why we distill down these metrics into easy-to-understand reports so that you can take ACTION in your business.

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