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The average business experiences 501 hours of network downtime every single year.

Find out how much your business is losing to outages every year due to network downtime and loss of productivity.


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Get rid of the guess work—We'll provide a complimentary, no-obligation on-site audit so that you know exactly where your business technology is today.

Toss away the uncertainty and ambiguity of your current IT budget—discover how our StabilITy and AssistIT plans can put you back in control of your business while reducing overall costs, increased uptime and operational efficiency. Backed by our 60-Day 100% Technology Worry Free Guarantee, you try us on for size with confidence.

Managed Technology Solutions

Toss away the uncertainty and ambiguity of your current IT budget—discover how our StabilITy and AssistIT plans can put you back in control of your business while reducing overall costs, increased uptime and operational efficiency. Backed by our 60-Day 100% Technology Worry Free Guarantee, you try us on for size with complete confidence. 

You're tired of dealing with crappy technology companies that nickel and dime you every time something goes wrong...

If you’re a business owner that is currently relying on a local “IT guy” to run to your aid whenever your network goes down or a massive outage occurs, you’re approaching your business technology the wrong way—and it’s likely costing you hundreds, if not thousands, in unexpected IT costs over the course of each calendar year.  

Even worse, if you’re a business owner that is currently tied to a multi-year contract with a traditional break/fix IT company, you are well aware of how unpredictable your technology budget already is.  Business owners are left scratching their heads and wondering why they’re even paying a monthly fee for service they never receive. 

We understand you—Let us show you a different way of looking at your business technology. The IMPACT system will transform your business in 60 days or less, guaranteed!

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

We remove frustrating technology issues and keep it that way—guaranteed.

I already have a IT Provider, but I'm not sure I'm getting what I'm paying for.

I pay a monthly fee for my technology services, but I'm still getting charged every time something goes wrong. I don't hear from them unless I'm reaching out to them with an issue. What the heck am I paying for?

Get a complete understanding of where your technology is for your business.

Stop guessing and assuming that you're getting the right technology for your business— we offer a complimentary, no-obligation technology audit that takes the guesswork out of your business.
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My current "IT guy" takes forever to fix my technology issues.

Whenever issues spring up with my business technology, my current vendor take too long to respond and fix the issues. It's always me calling or having to put in a ticket to alert him of issues and he takes forever to follow up and even longer to resolve them.

It's time to break up with bad IT. Seriously.

We tend to meet many business owners right where you are today—frustrated with their current unresponsive technology vendors. Let us demonstrate to you how frustration free technology can be with the IMPACT difference—plus, we actually back it up with a 60- day frustration and worry free guarantee!
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Every time I call or open a ticket, I just know it's going to cost me.

Unfortunately, I pay for an IT services I'm afraid to use—because I know as as soon as I call or open a ticket, they starting the clock for billing. I only call for the big issues because those are the only ones I know I can't fix myself.

You shouldn't be afraid to call your IT provider and it shouldn't cost you, either.

If you're only calling your "IT Guy" when major issues spring up, you're missing out on a huge advantage of having a true technology partner that helps you avoid those costly issues in the first place. With our all-inclusive stabilIT plans, those on-site and remote support are included no matter how many times you call us!
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Bundled Solutions That Deliver Results

Our Solutions Are Packaged Into One Flat, Monthly Fee

Technology solutions that just work.

Robust technology solutions back with first-class service.

As a business owner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the technology that powers your organization.  

Our primary goal at IMPACT is to make technology hassle-free and to remove the unnecessary frustrating IT obstacles so that our clients can back to doing what they do best—running their business.

24x7 Service Desk

Experienced Help When You Need It

An entire local fleet of certified technology experts are standing by, ready to assist you, when you need it. IMPACT’s flexible stabilIT plans give you complete control to dial-in precisely on how much support is the right amount for your business needs.

Business Continuity

Restore Your Business, Not Just Your Data

Many business owners think backing up their data to the cloud is enough to get their business up and running if their is a critical outage—Unfortunately, that’s only one piece of the puzzle that keeps your business running. What about your business applications and  operating systems? We get your business fully operational in 2 hours or less, not days or weeks. 

Virtualization & Cloud Services

Optimize Your IT Investment

We help our clients achieve more in their business’ with virtualization. Whether your business is currently using multiple costly, large, and clunky on-premise servers or are looking for solutions to do more with less physical hardware, our virtualization solutions can help you streamline your business. These solutions lower costs for our clients, particularly for other factors, like electricity and maintenance. 

Microsoft® 365 Migration

Cloud Solutions to Streamline Your Business

Get rid of outdated and costly on-premise mail servers and enjoy first-class enterprise-level email solutions powered by Microsoft 365. We offer affordable full and lite Microsoft 365 plan to help you get the most out of your communication platform. Through our Microsoft Partnership, we can help you choose a plan that’s right for your business—Fully integrated with Microsoft® business applications.  

Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business From Disasters

IMPACT helps business owners protect their business from any significant effects in case of a disaster—such as cyber attacks, natural disasters, and building or hardware failures. Our team of experts help your business develop and follow a Disaster Recovery Plan, so in the case of a disaster, your business is operational. 

vCIO & IT Consulting

Virtual CIO & Expertise At Your Fingertips

Unlike many competitors, many of our stabilIT plans include access to our team of technology experts that meet with you quarterly to plan your business technology around your business goals—not fit your business around technology. We don’t just restore you to yesterday like many of our competitors—we are your trusted partner to guide you on how to leverage technology to support your growth.

FREE STRATEGY GUIDE | Business Leaders

Does Your Current IT Guy Make Money On Those Frustrating Technology Issues?

If you’re currently paying for IT services by the hour or getting charged costly hidden fees for on-site visits—that “IT Guy” is capitalizing on your frustrating technology issues and outages.  Download this free report to learn the dirty little secrets your current IT guy doesn’t want you to know.

Why Choose IMPACT?

The IMPACT difference is clear.

Just a few of the ways we set ourselves above the competition.

Expertly crafted system perfected over 15 years

Award-winning solutions backed by first-class service

Systematic & Proven Processes

5-Star Rating & 98% Client Retention Rate


60-Day Worry Free Technology Guarantee

Entire local fleet of certified technology experts ready to assist you

We tackle the REAL ISSUES that other providers pretend to.

Predictable Technology Budget

Get rid of those hidden travel fees and costly on-site visits. Get a better handle on your business technology with a flat budget so that you can begin growing your business with the predictability you deserve.

Incentive to Keep Your Technology Disruption Free

Unlike our competitors' model, we actually lose money when your business technology fails you. Our proactive approach to ensuring your business technology stays up and running is both our priority, but the heart of how we also succeed.

Often less expensive than hiring one additional staff member to your team to manage your business technology.

With our plans, you get an entire fleet of highly skilled engineers at your fingertips at a significantly reduced cost.

IMPACT's Proven Process delights customers and streamlines business.

A process perfected over decades.


1. Free Consult


2. Discovery


3. Technology Plan


4. Onboarding


5. Growth

What some of our clients have to say.

Are you already paying an IT company for Support?

If you're paying a monthly fee, but are still being stuck with costly on-site visits, unexpected fees, delayed response times, and terrible service—it's time to call IMPACT for a free consultation.

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