Your Business is Severely Exposed to Cyber Criminals and Threats

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Does Your Business Really Need Cybersecurity Insurance?

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June 29, 2022 at 2:00 PM

Why is Cyber Insurance important for your business?

Does your umbrella policy cover cyber incidents? Could your business handle the average ransomware payment of $47,000? We’ll discuss why Cyber Insurance protects your business.

What requirements are there to get Cyber Insurance?

What you do to prevent cyber incidents can lower your premium, just like driving better can help your car insurance premium. We’ll review what is required for a policy.

What happens when a company experiences a breach and doesn’t have cyber insurance?

A cyber incident with a policy and without a policy are much different. Ultimately, it could be life or death of your business, your employees and your clients. We’ll look at how these situations are handled differently.