Client Spotlight: Seaford Endoscopy Center

How an award-winning healthcare provider leverages technology to provide the highest levels of excellence in patient satisfaction

Nestled in Sussex County, Delaware, Seaford Endoscopy has been serving patients throughout the region since 2008 with one core mission at the heart of their practice—to provide quality care and an exceptional patient experience in a convenient and comfortable outpatient setting.

Nationally recognized for their patient satisfaction and excellence, Seaford Endoscopy was recently awarded the 2018 National APEX Quality Award winner. The APEX Quality Award distinguishes Seaford Endoscopy as one of the highest performing healthcare providers, being chosen among over 633 healthcare providers that were eligible for the award.

Anchored to their core mission for patience excellence, in 2019, Seaford Endoscopy took a closer look at how technology contributed to the overall efficiency and productivity of their practice. The practice began looking for a technology partner that understood their IT challenges, that was invested in their mission and that helped remove frustrating technology issues that were taking time away from what really mattered most to the Center Manager, Joyce Mackler, RN, MSN, CASC.

After experiencing a fair share of frustrating and unpredictable issues with their previous provider, like frequent downtime and a rising, unpredictable technology budget, Seaford Endoscopy knew it was time to seek out a trusted technology partner to help get their healthcare technology working at optimal efficiency so that they could focus on what matters the most—improving patient care and excellence.

For the past year, IMPACT Technology Group has become that trusted technology partner for Seaford Endoscopy. With the stabilIT suite, Seaford Endoscopy has removed their frustrating barriers of technology —and IMPACT serves as a trusted partner to guide them as their organization continues to grow.


Founded in 2008, Seaford Endoscopy is physician owned by board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. Bradley Mackler. The practice performs over 2300 procedures each year, including colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, and small bowel capsule endoscopy. Seaford Endoscopy provides Direct Access endoscopy, allowing screening for colon cancer, follow-up colonoscopy, or surveillance upper endoscopy, with no prior appointment needed.
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