Better Your Business Spotlight: Douglas Potvin of Trinity Logistics

Creating a Culture of Servant Leadership: Learn what inspires and motivates the CFO of Trinity Logistics in this month’s Better Your Business Spotlight!


Every month, we review hundreds of businesses throughout our local community and narrow it down to one leading organization that is making a significant impact in their industry to be featured in our Better Your Business Spotlight. This spotlight is part of the Better Your Business Series, a growing local initiative with a core focus of bringing like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs across multi-industries to engage on topics, share insights, as well as motivate and inspire other leaders to continually strive for growth and improvement within their business.  The BYB Spotlight is a unique opportunity to jump behind the curtain and meet leaders that are truly making an impact in their industry and learn what inspires them.

This month, we interviewed Douglas Potvin, CFO at Trinity Logistics, Inc.

Douglas Potvin, CFO
Trinity Logistics, Inc.

This month’s featured spotlight article brings us to Seaford, Delaware, where Douglas Potvin lends us some insight into how their organization’s Guiding Principles have shaped his success and growth over the last fourteen years of serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Trinity Logistics, Inc.  

Founded in 1979, Trinity Logistics, Inc. is a leading Third-Party Logistics provider that believes in a people-centric approach to transportation and technology. For the past 40 years, Trinity Logistics has arranged global freight solutions to their customers and network of over 70,000 carriers.

Trinity Logistics, Inc. has been nationally recognized as top 20 3PL with Transport Topics and been rated as a top place for women to work by Women in Trucking Association.  Additionally, the organization has received the prestigious “Great Places to Work” certification for three consecutive years in part for building a company culture around four pillar guiding values: Integrity, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement, and Excellence.

This month, we got a rare opportunity to sit down with Douglas Potvin to learn how company culture and guiding principles have shaped his leadership over the last thirteen years.

The Real Competitive Advantage for a Business is their People

While Trinity Logistic has a well-established reputation of being one of the best places to work throughout the DELMARVA region, it’s no coincidence that this organization places a tremendous value on building a company culture around their guiding principles: Integrity, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement, and Excellence.

Guiding Values
Trinity Logistics, Inc

Douglas Potvin, CFO of Trinity Logistics, Inc. shares how this has had a significant impact on his professional development as a leader in the organization,

“Jeff Banning [CEO, Trinity Logistics, Inc.] has made such a tremendous impact in the leader that I am today, through his reinforcement of a culture of Servant Leadership. Cultivating a culture of Servant Leadership allows for us, as leaders, to learn the art of humility. To humble one’s self for the betterment of others. To truly understand and embrace the notion that it is not about I, but WE… and not about me, but about the Team Members here at Trinity”.

A Culture of Servant Leadership

Mr. Potvin shares that the company’s commitment to a Servant Leadership and their continued focus on building a company culture anchored in guiding principles has allowed for the team to become of one the greatest sources for bright, new ideas for Trinity Logistics.

“Our greatest ideas come from our Team Members, who continually challenge the status quo to get things done. They ask wonderful questions and bring a tremendous amount of insight to what they do on a daily basis”

Prior to Trinity Logistics, Inc.’s acquisition by Burris Logistics, in April of 2019, Douglas shares that one of his leadership focuses was developing Wellness and Benefits packages for the Team Members, which he proudly ranks as one of the most important decisions that he had to make as a leader at the organization.

“We focused on the four pillars of wellness health, mental, financial and spirituals. My goal was offering the team members the resources and tools for them to be successful in life.”

Mr. Potvin further elaborates, “My stated goal was to have impact in their lives, that may obtain the lively age of 85 and enjoy their time with family and friends. I think we succeeded, we finished 39th out of over 1000 applicants that applied for the Healthiest Employer in America.

Technology is a Catalyst to Improving Lives

Being a part of the region’s fastest growing organizations for the last thirteen years, Mr. Potvin has had the unique opportunity to see how technology has not only shaped the logistics industry over the last thirteen years, but also how Trinity Logistics, Inc. approaches technology in their business.

Douglas shares, “We look at technology not only to provide the backbone of the core business, but strongly take into consideration the competitive advantages it can offer us in the marketplace, as well as driving efficiencies throughout the business.”

When it comes to leveraging technology in their business, Douglas explains that technology has been a catalyst to improving peoples’ lives, in one degree or another. He furthers, “I am not saying technology is the “win” all, but it does provide gains in efficiency and productivity both at work and at home.”

On the same topic, Douglas shares that technology is also one of the biggest challenges facing leaders today. He explains, “I think the biggest challenge facing leaders today is the rapid change of technology occurring and where it can be implemented best by the company. You need to make sure you aware of what is happening, or there is the possibility you will be left behind.”

For most businesses we interview at Better Your Business, staying competitive in a quickly evolving industry, such as logistics, takes a tremendous amount of thought leadership, vision, strategy—as well as thoughtful execution. Most businesses that we interact with leverage technology to help meet those rising demands, while reducing costs, over time. Douglas shares, “Our goal is move people routine tasks that should be handled by technology to exception management, not in effort to reduce staff but to empower the team members to continue to grow and seek new opportunities.”

Trinity Logistic, Inc.’ commitment to being “Different on Purpose”, whether it be through their innovative supply chain solutions or outstanding customer service—it’s what makes Trinity stand out from their industry competition.

Learning to be the Last to Speak

Creating a culture of Servant Leadership doesn’t always mean you get everything right… all the time. In fact, Douglas gracefully shares that one mistake that he has had to work on as a leader is learning to take pause when listening to what is being discussed without fulfilling the natural urge to speak up with an opinion before the other person has finished explaining. He candidly shares, “One mistake that I commonly make is not listening fully to what is being told to me; half way through the conversation, I have already made up my mind and I ready to speak—thinking I know all the answers, which brings back to fact that every leader should possess humility. In the fact, we don’t know it all and most of the time someone who deals with an issue everyday may have the better solution.”

Mr. Potvin expresses that best advice that he could give to a leader that is looking to improve the overall success of their business is to listen to their employees. He shares,

“Listen to your team members and act upon their recommendation for improvements as though those doing the jobs know most about the jobs. This not only demonstrates trust in your team members but empowers them to do more—which ultimately leads to much more job satisfaction and greater productivity for your entire team and organization.”

Learn more about Trinity Logistics, Inc.

Trinity Logistics, a Burris Logistics Company, is a leading Third-Party Logistics provider that believes in a people-centric approach to transportation and technology. For the past 40 years, they have arranged global freight solutions to their customers and network of over 70,000 carriers. Trinity provides freight management and managed transportation solutions for major modes including Truckload, Less-than-truckload (LTL), Intermodal, Expedited, and other specialty freight. They joined the Burris Logistics family in April 2019 and through their partnership they offer a larger assortment of services such as temperature-controlled warehousing, distribution, and direct-to-consumer solutions. 

For more information, visit Trinity Logistics, Inc. at


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